Franck Muller x New Balance CM996 Limited Edition

Franck Muller x New Balance CM996 Limited Edition

Franck Muller and the global footwear brand New Balance have formed a partnership. The exclusive collaboration sees Franck Muller’s imaginative world of time projected onto New Balance’s design, CM996. Available exclusively in Japan, the shoes are embossed with Franck Muller’s signature Byzantine numerals, used on the brand’s trademark timepieces, and the insoles are in gorgeous colours that are reminiscent of Franck Muller’s Color Dreams collection. New Balance’s N logo on the inner and outer upper are in different colours, and the shoes come in luxurious silver and gold.

The collaborative design was available for purchase on Friday, 25 November, from specific boutiques and stores in Japan and was sold out in a matter of days.

Product details
Product number: CM996
Colours: FMG (gold), FMS (silver)
Shoe size/width: D22.5 – 29.0 cm
Price: 22,000 Yen (including tax)
Release date: Wednesday, 25 November
The shoes come with a complimentary shoe tote and ornament.

Special Movie: “Creating Time for Me”
A new movie entitled “Creating Time for Me” featuring the collection, has been released. The video features 12 unique artists in a collage of the special moments they cherish in a world where time is finite.

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