Every day, I do my part for the world. Sustainability is the underlying concept, as well as the purpose of the MYDO.WORLD project: an everyday lifestyle for natural, responsible comfort.

MYDO.WORLD’s debut features opulent collections in luxurious natural and organic fabrics, for bed/bath/table and garments – from formal wear to leisure, sleepwear to loungewear – for adults and children. All items are made entirely of first-hand certified organic fibers selected in the interest of sustainable consumption, down to the smallest detail – a natural mother-of-pearl button.

MYDO.WORLD is modelled upon solid principles of natural sourcing and the inherent quality of the materials used, in order to cater to the most exacting tastes of sustainability-conscious customers, whether individuals, hotels or the owners of luxury yachts.

Products that yield benefits in terms of comfort and performance for those who use and wear them and, since they are entirely biodegradable, that return to nature without contaminating it. The demand for sustainable luxury is perceived more and more these days by a market that struggles to find products that fully satisfy it.

MYDO.WORLD begins by sourcing first-hand certified organic materials, non-recycled but, if needed, recyclable, that use non-polluting production processes and are entirely biodegradable. Verified certifications for the entire creation and production process are the company’s hallmark.

The name MYDO.WORLD itself powerfully embodies the energy of a mantra.

MYDO.WORLD collections propose an innovative alternative answer of absolute quality.

Clara Buoncristiani 
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