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MULTIMILLIONAIRE THAILAND is “Direct Marketing’’ you can be touched with the exclusive group top of Thailand Millionaire people who is the exclusive owner the elegant house or luxury villa which worth of 20-600 million baht. Because we have connections and understand their lifestyle of the Multimillionaire’s group in Thailand.

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More than 19 years, they always support & acceptable in our relationships and connection.


MULTIMILLIONAIRE is the owner of the luxury house 20-600 million baht.

The price of residence is the index can be determinate of millionaire person.

Noted : From our survey, The hold Thailand millionaire person more than 14,211 households can be divided into 2 groups

1. Project developer the top of luxury house villages about 144 projects. All membership 70% or 9,371 households
- The class of luxury house 5 stars valuable is 30-600 million baht or 4,969 households (64 projects)
- The class of luxury house 4 stars valuable is 20-30 million baht or 4,402 households (80 projects)
2. The good location private land which located main road in Bangkok Metropolitans area and outbound. All membership 30% or 4,840 households
- The class of luxury house 5 stars valuable is 30-600 million baht or 3,106 households
- The class of luxury house 4 stars valuable is 20-30 million baht or 1,734 households

The list of person who has saving account balance start up 50 million baht. The total amount of deposits is approximately 4.9 trillion baht or 1/3 of the total deposits of the whole country is approximately 13 trillion baht. (Excluded gold, stock holder and any asset such the immovable property)

Refer to Thai nation bank announcement customer list who has the cash in their saving account the balance is 50 Millions baht or more The revision 09 December 2020 is update.

Item Description Account quantity Amount of deposit (Unit : Million baht)
1 50,000,000 not over 100,000,000 baht 12,164 855,291
2 100,000,000 not over 200,000,000 baht 5,571 767,309
3 200,000,000 not over 500,000,000 baht 3,050 933,388
4 Over 500,000 baht 1,449 2,386,403
Total 22,234 4,942,391

Remark : Some family may have saving account more than 2-3 accounts. Due to Thai Nation bank principle allowed warranty saving balance in account limited 1 million baht per account per person.

What’s the wonderful their own luxurious house type? If they have 50 million baht on hand.


1. At least 3 places or units their possession for own luxurious houses certainly. For the example
A. Hi class villages or Private luxurious house there are located in down town or nearby they will live in daily house and they also spend the time for relaxing time during weekend (Surely this is the main channel to deliver our MULTIMILLIONAIRE THAILAND magazine will be served them directly to their households)
B. Hi light building or Condominium for somebody may used to live in during working day only for any convenience to do business and they also selected for suitable their journey to take and pick up their kids to school Mon-Fri. This is a reason why ? Our MULTIMILLIONAIRE THAILAND magazine will be preferred to deliver our free copy direct mail to private luxurious house or any premium 5 stars villages. Because our sending is achieved on target group with receiver.
C. The vacation house there are located in Phuket Chaingmai Huahin Kao Yai and etc. For travel in long weekend and spend for their relaxing time only.
2. The millionaire people their own car type such Supercar, Sedan car MPV SUV cars or any at least 4 cars in one luxurious houses.
3. The millionaire people will be concerned their personality and healthy such as facial skin treatment and they also using brand name with their dress up and selection of brand-name clothing.
4. The collection of Billionaire or Millionaire such as brand name watches, jewelry, super car, big bike, yacht, brand name bags and art work.
5. From survey, the millionaire people arrangement oversea trips vacation at least 1-2 time/year.


4 ways to reach Multillionaire in type of direct marketing

1. Magazine
2. Online
3. Direct mail
4. Exclusive event


Free publication to the owner luxury house in price of 20 to 600 million baht.
There are 7 issues per year.
MULTIMILLIONAIRE THAILAND : The magazine consist of the variety of topics that involve about house, decoration and lifestyle of multimillionaire. MULTIMILLIONAIRE THAILAND is published bimonthly, released on the beginning of February, April, June, August, October and December.
MULTIMILLIONAIRE DREAMLAND : The yearly magazine that present the style of luxury houses and decoration both of interior and exterior design by 3D perspective sketches for guideline of building new luxury house and renovate. The magazine released on every September.


A collection of goods and lifestyle of billionaires that should know at
Line Official@MMTH
Email : MULTIMILLIONAIRE THAILAND member, via personal email

Direct mail

The Rental database for sending brochure to member directly, divided into 2 type
Insert Service : the rental name is list who is the owner of the elegant house. Your brochure will be delivered together with all 10,000 magazines by enclosed.
Direct Mail Service : the rental name only. Your brochure will be sent out standalone directly to the owner all residence member up to 14,211 name lists per time delivery.

Exclusive event

Organizing New Year's festivities for Multimillionaire Thailand magazine members in luxury project price of 20 million baht or more such as Crystal Park Village, Panya Pattanakarn Village, Laddawan Sukhumvit 101 Village, etc. In the New Year festival. There will be entertainment activities throughout the day, including Home & lifestyle product booths and Mini Motor Show.